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Capital-E is a leading venture capital fund in Europe with exclusive focus on micro/nano-electronics and advanced materials, facilitating collaboration with European R&D centers and leveraging on their top-notch knowledge base.


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Focus areas

Consumer electronics & multimedia
Semicon processing & metrology
Communications & networking


Novel tools, materials, systems, processes and device structures for power generation and control, energy scavenging and storage with emphasis on power density, efficiency and lower cost. Functional coatings or conductive polymers enabling renewable energies, tiny-tech filter or purification materials, structural composites, sustainable catalysis or simply the recovery of high value materials. Future mobility solutions (components) with electric vehicles as an integral part of intelligent power networks, smart grids, and the corresponding infrastructure.

Consumer electronics & multimedia

Analogue and mixed signal chip technologies for ambient, slimmer, less power hungry, better performing electronic devices.

Semicon processing & metrology

Equipment and materials technologies for the fabrication, process control or inspection of (un) patterned wafers compatible with standard CMOS integrated circuits aiming for unparalleled device performance and yield.

Communications & networking

Novel concepts and components as well as sub-system level solutions for both wired as well as wireless applications. Our main interest areas lie in analogue and mixed signal chip solutions, RF technologies and components for communication and sensor networks with significantly higher integration/performance/power efficiency benchmarks for existing markets.

"Think big, start small, scale fast"

Entrepreneurs make the world go round and round

At Capital-E you will find a hands-on team with sole focus on electronics and materials, and facilitating collaboration with R&D centers such as IMEC when desirable. We help you with technology targeting, segment positioning, intellectual property landscaping, go-to-market and operating models. Through our partnership with IMEC, we can offer you a cost-effective platform for simulations, co-development / design, prototyping, system integration, small production runs and exposure to over 500 industrial partners.

Our interaction with Capital-E has been very positive, from the pre-investment due diligence phase through to participation on the Board of Light Blue Optics after the investment. Since then, we have benefited from Capital-E’s considerable experience as investors in early stage companies and their network of contacts. We are very pleased to have Capital-E as a key investor in the Company.

Chris Harris, CEO of Light Blue Optics Ltd

Capital-E has been very constructive and guiding prior to investing in CMOSIS, while sharply probing for our motivation, market understanding and technology. The team added a lot of value to our business plan and their fast response helped us start up in a couple of months. Supported by Capital-E, we see CMOSIS growing from the planned incubation to a real start-up in virtually no time.

Guy Meynants, CEO of CMOSIS

The Capital-E team are seasoned semiconductor investors whose experience, energy and networks have been invaluable in helping Movidius to hone our business strategy, attract new investors, and advance relationships with key players in our market. For an early stage semiconductor company, I’d definitely recommend approaching Capital-E.

Sean Mitchell, CEO of Movidius
"A goal is a dream with a deadline"

Shareholders' trust is our greatest reward

At Capital-E you will find a portfolio with potentially very nice returns. More than five portfolio companies are leading the next generation chip solutions, driving adoption by top class semiconductor companies worldwide. We believe our focus and specialism is at the heart of the fund’s performance.

Active portfolio

Our full portfolio

"Being prepared to fail is the prerequisite to success"

Investors surf the waves of risks and returns

This European venture capital fund, solely specialized in electronics and materials, is a dedicated and confined investment opportunity in terms of asset allocation within the private equity and corporate venturing space.

We believe that by managing relatively smaller pools of capital, and with our deep technology and sector knowledge, we will outperform the market by taking advantage of price and market inefficiencies in a segment left aside by the larger VCs.

We only invest in European seasoned teams with strategic and protected technologies and solutions for large replacement markets important to top class semiconductor and materials companies.

Why follow-up on Capital-E?

Whether you are a strategic investor or a financial investor, there are multiple reasons why you should follow-up on Capital-E.

Financial investors
Capital-E is focused on the semiconductor and materials industries that offer abundent opportunities to invest. These industries are marked by continuous waves of innovation in demand for venture capital. Left aside by larger VC’s, it is more than ever a buyer’s market. It is a confined allocation opportunity for fund to funds with an attractive risk/reward profile.

Strategic investors
From a value-added perspective, hardware is more than ever a reciprocal complement to software marked by the recent moves of Intel, Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft. Most of the acquisitions done were to appropriate solid intellectual property assets and because electronic devices are the personal gatekeepers to consumers. For strategic investors in our funds such as IMEC, we can be the ears and eyes to capture strategic technologies accross Europe.