Why follow-up on Capital-E ?

Whether you are a strategic investor or a financial investor, there are multiple reasons why you should follow-up on Capital-E.

Financial investors

Capital-E is focused on the semiconductor and materials industries that offer abundent opportunities to invest. These industries are marked by continuous waves of innovation in demand for venture capital. Left aside by larger VC’s, it is more than ever a buyer’s market. It is a confined allocation opportunity for fund to funds with an attractive risk/reward profile.

Strategic investors

From a value-added perspective, hardware is more than ever a reciprocal complement to software marked by the recent moves of Intel, Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft. Most of the acquisitions done were to appropriate solid intellectual property assets and because electronic devices are the personal gatekeepers to consumers. For strategic investors in our funds such as IMEC, we can be the ears and eyes to capture strategic technologies accross Europe.