Pascal Vanluchene

Partner and co-founder of Capital-E
His current investment focus is on mobile networks, datacenters, electric vehicles, energy storage, drones, robots and electronic devices.

He co-founded Capital-E in January 2006.  He has a keen interest in solutions using novel materials and chemistries for energy storage, packaging, filtering, purification and waste treatment and solutions using unique semiconductors, electronic and photonic chip and module technologies for optical, wireless and mobile networking and transmission, energy storage management, power generation and control, sensing and actuation, processing and storage.

From 2000 till 2006, he was venture developer at IMEC and high-tech start-ups in telematics and telecommunications such as Acunia (open telematics Java middleware platform), Sparnex (xDSL systems) and AccessHub (datacenters). At IMEC his latest focus geared towards silicon processing and device technologies as well as biosensors. He was actively involved with IMEC spin-offs such as Gemidis (LCOS displays), Vivactis (calorimetric biosensors) and Magwel (Ghz EM solvers for SoC) for new business development and fund raising.

Beside the international start-up experience, he brings investment banking and corporate development skills to Capital-E.  Before 2000, Pascal worked at Proximus in the corporate finance, corporate development and international wholesale divisions.

Pascal holds an Msc in electronics and an Msc in business strategy and economics from the Catholic University of Leuven, complemented with a two-year campus MBA from the Graduate School of Business of Chicago.

Pascal Vanluchene

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