Freeslate Integrates the DropSense96TM

Freeslate Integrates the DropSense96TM for Biologics Quantification on its
Biologics Formulation System

The combination of the DropSense96TM with the Core Module 3 platform enables rapid
screening and preformulation of biotherapeutics on a single platform

SUNNYVALE, Calif., USA and GENTBRUGGE, Belgium – January 19, 2015 – Freeslate,
Inc., the leading provider of high throughput research solutions for biopharmaceutical
development, and Trinean, NV., the leading provider of microfluidic spectrophotometry
platforms, today announced the integration of the DropSense96TM with the CM3 product line
for biotherapeutics formulation and optimization.
Based on the CM3 automation platform, the Freeslate Biologics Formulation System offers
high throughput formulation, stressing, and analysis. Integration of the DropSense96TM
provides CM3 users the ability to quickly determine protein concentration without dilution
steps. This increases system accuracy and results in faster workflows.
“The full automation of the DropSense96TM with Freeslate’s Biologics Formulation System
allows users to dramatically increase the throughput of their analysis. The ability to prepare,
stress, and analyze all in one workflow means greater efficiency and enhanced decision
making for our users,” add Philippe Stas, CEO of Trinean. “Working together with the
Freeslate teams to optimize the workflows has been very rewarding.”
“With a number of seamless integrations of the DropSense96TM with our platform, we have
selected the instrument as our preferred option for quantification of biologics,” said John S.
Senaldi, President and CEO of Freeslate. “Its unique design combining speed, minimal
sample usage, and an unmet measurement range allows for fast, yet robust quantification of
protein samples thereby significantly shortening the screening process in biotherapeutic drug
The Trinean DropSense96TM UV/VIS droplet reader is designed for high throughput analysis
of biological samples. Its unique microfluidic 96-well format allows for quantification of
samples as small as 2 microliter in a fully automated workflow. The Trinean software toolbox
is available for detailed sample QC, workflow integration, and compliance in regulatory
Freeslate’s Lab Execution and Analysis (LEA) software seamlessly manages the entire
experimental process from design and execution to data analysis and report sharing. It
allows users to design complex experiments quickly using its logical, recipe-oriented
approach, and experimental conditions can be linked to analytical data for easy viewing and
reporting. Using LEA, third party equipment such as the DropSense96TM plate reader, is fully
integrated with Freeslate robotic components and sample data is directly linked to the
processing steps and analytical results.
Other standard integrations available with the Biologics Formulation System include fully
automated third party instruments such as dynamic light scatter reader, centrifuge, plate
sealer, and shaking incubator and off-deck, semi-automated analytical instruments including

About Freeslate
Freeslate is a privately held company providing laboratory automation products that
dramatically improve the productivity and innovation of drug development organizations. For
more than a decade, Freeslate has been working with customers to automate complex
chemical research processes. Our resulting product line includes solutions for protein and
vaccine drug formulation development, small molecule solubility, and polymorph screening
and process chemistry. We start with a scientific understanding of our customer’s bottlenecks
and utilize our robust and proprietary automation platforms and integrated Lab Execution and
Analysis (LEA) software suite to deliver solutions that make a difference. The company is
headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with direct sales and service in North America,
Europe, and Asia.

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About Trinean
Trinean is a Belgium based instrumentation company, bringing micro-volume molecular
spectroscopy to the next level by combining best in class analytical software with a highly
standardized read-out platform. Founded in 2006 as a spin-out of the Ghent University,
Belgium and Imec Leuven, Belgium, the company commercializes two instruments, the
XposeTM for ‘Touch & Go’ biomolecule quantification and the DropSense96TM, analyzing up
to 96 samples, using microfluidic chips for standardized sample analysis ( DropPlates and
Xpose Slides). The Trinean platform is complemented with a software toolbox for improved
data interpretation and lab-automation.

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Further Information:
Philippe Stas
Chief Executive Officer
Trinean N.V.
Tel.: +32-9-272.75.35

Mikelle Thatcher
Marketing Communications Specialist
Freeslate, Inc.
Direct: 408-773-4081

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