Former FillFactory Personnel Found Image Sensor Company CMOSIS

Tuesday, 15 January 2008
A team of former FillFactory founders and senior staff created CMOSIS NV, a new supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors solutions. CMOSIS NV structured as a VC-backed, privately held company, started operations mid November 2007 providing turnkey image sensor solutions to the industrial and professional markets, ranging from sensor design over prototyping, characterization and packaging to qualification and volume production.

CMOSIS NV principals are Guy Meynants, Jan Bogaerts, Tim Baeyens, Gérald Lepage and Lou Hermans. Together they form a team of image sensor experts with more than 50 person-years of relevant experience in CMOS imaging technology. CMOSIS NV has received a first round financing of 1.175 Million Euro by the founders and by Capital-E, a highly renowned Belgian Venture Capitalist providing early-stage capitalizing for enabling electronics technology.

CMOSIS was set up to primarily serve demanding industrial and professional markets for CMOS sensors – including the rapidly expanding fields of machine-vision, biometrics and motion analysis – as well as covering medical equipment, scientific applications and space exploration.

The CMOSIS technology portfolio is based upon new, crucial IP related to various advanced aspects of image sensors such as high fillfactor pixels, new methods to make high yielding large area devices. column ADCs retaining their large bit-depth at high speed operation, new methods to increase the dynamic range, and implement TDI (Time-Delay and Integration) image capture operation in CMOS. This new IP enables CMOSIS to competitively address the target markets.

The creation of CMOSIS was also triggered by customers on the look for a committed CMOS image sensor provider with real customer focus and offering superior technical expertise for the development of truly novel image sensor technologies.

Guy Meynants, CEO of CMOSIS, states: “Based on our newly developed CMOS image sensor IP, our numerous contacts with customers and the financial backing of Capital-E, we are convinced that CMOSIS will become very rapidly a key player in the realm of solid-state imaging devices.”

CMOSIS is finalizing contract negotiations with first customers for the design and supply of innovative, high performance image sensors, and is currently hiring additional staff. CMOSIS installed a state-of-the-art design environment, using first class EDA tools and state-of-the-art CMOS processing technologies.

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