Focus areas

Communications & networking

Novel concepts and components as well as sub-system level solutions for both wired as well as wireless applications. Our main interest areas lie in analogue and mixed signal chip solutions, RF technologies and components for communication and sensor networks with significantly higher integration/performance/power efficiency benchmarks for existing markets.

Semicon processing & metrology

Equipment and materials technologies for the fabrication, process control or inspection of (un) patterned wafers compatible with standard CMOS integrated circuits aiming for unparalleled device performance and yield.

Consumer electronics & multimedia

Analogue and mixed signal chip technologies for ambient, slimmer, less power hungry, better performing electronic devices.


Novel tools, materials, systems, processes and device structures for power generation and control, energy scavenging and storage with emphasis on power density, efficiency and lower cost. Functional coatings or conductive polymers enabling renewable energies, tiny-tech filter or purification materials, structural composites, sustainable catalysis or simply the recovery of high value materials. Future mobility solutions (components) with electric vehicles as an integral part of intelligent power networks, smart grids, and the corresponding infrastructure.